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Conceived by interior designer Ilinka Lukic, ILINKA Collection was born out of a true understanding of the significance of ‘home’.

From the thread count and colourway of a bed set, to the softness of a towel or the lace detailing on a tablecloth; each detail is considered and every decision is made with the individual in mind.

Having worked in interior decoration for many years, we were looking for bed linen and towel sets that were different and fresh: a new approach to a classic product. We wanted superbly finished quality, made in Europe, with white and off white bases and a broad palette of colour accents to play with and create personalised designs, special sizes and monogramming.

With an appreciation for the long tradition of textile manufacture and in order to provide the best quality bed linen, towel wear and beautiful table settings, we sought out the best of Europe to reflect the mixed heritages of our experience; the Italian and Portuguese mastery of textile production, combined with our Spanish verve and energy set in the solid base of London, our home and headquarters.


Ilinka Lukic is Spanish born and has spent most of her life in London. With extensive experience in design she has worked for over 20 years as an interior designer on residential, corporate and historical buildings all over the world, from Monaco to New Zealand. 

An aspect which Ilinka holds dear to her heart is the concept of slow shopping - buying less but buying better quality products. ILINKA Collection offers wholly unique products which will last a lifetime and can be used again and again - the ultimate keepsake.


Thanks to

The professionals we have been working with all these years are numerous. ILINKA Collection has been chosen by influential interior designers with whom we have worked together to develop custom solutions to fit their vision, their work and needs. Thanks to their confidence in our work, we have grown.

We have the privilege to have worked with very talented photographers who have captured the essence of our collections. Thanks to their generosity we can include their beautiful work on our website. Among other, Manolo Yllera, Davide Lovatti, German Saiz

Other professionals we have the great pleasure to work with, friends and great supporters of our work are: Cameron Armstrong, Erin Bonnier, Cristina Giménez, Jeremy Leach

Our special thanks to our co-founder, David G. Abós, who was a key person in building our vision through his impeccable taste and thoroughness. His charisma and enthusiasm brought the brand to where we are today.


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